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About Us
You can reach us as follows:
Cardiff Consultants, Limited
1470 First Avenue - Suite 4A
New York, New York 10021-2278 USA
Telephone:    718.208.4015
Facsimile:       718.208.4075
Who We Are
Cardiff Consultants, Limited, has been providing quality software products since 1999. We are proud to be a member of the Association of Shareware Professionals and a member of the New York Software Industry Association.
Privacy Policy
We zealously guard the privacy of our customers and visitors to our website. We never share the name and address information you provide with anyone else; we use it solely to be able to contact you about our own products and services and to keep you informed of updates or improvements to our software.
Adware and Spyware
Our software is guaranteed 100% free of any adware or spyware.
End User License Agreement
The software industry operates by licensing software to customers. When you purchase from us you are acquiring a license to use our software; you are not purchasing the software itself, which remains ours. It's very important that you understand the terms of the agreement under which you acquire a license to use our software before you purchase, so we include a copy of the text here so that you can familiarize yourself with it.
Keep Informed!
We can keep you informed of developments at Cardiffsoft only if we know how to contact you. If you'd like to know about upcoming product releases, and receive our newsletters, tips, and any program updates we may release, please make sure we have a valid email address for you by clicking here to visit our signup page.
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