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ArchiveAssist™  has been developed to permit archiving in Microsoft Outlook in those cases where archiving fails due to the inconsistency between the actual Received or Sent Date of messages and the Modified Date of those messages.

It's not possible in Outlook to change the Modified Date of a message to permit it to be included in an archive operation if the cut-off date for the archiving operation precedes that message's Modified Date. ArchiveAssist gives the user the ability to alter the Modifed Date, thereby taking control of the archiving process. ArchiveAssist also allows the user, in one easy step, to delete messages in bulk by date or by a range of dates, across all folders or just those specifically selected by the user.

You can run ArchiveAssist while Outlook is open or while it is closed; you should not, however, run more than one instance of ArchiveAssist at a time and you MUST select Work Offline from the Outlook File menu if you're in an Exchange Server environment (see the complete instructions at the Cardiffsoft website for running ArchiveAssist with Exchange Server). While ArchiveAssist has been designed to work with Outlook versions 97, 98, 2000, 2002, 2003, and 2007 (and on any computer with a Windows operating system of Windows 95 and higher), we can't possibly test our software for every possible combination of software configurations. As such, you should use the trial version to verify that ArchiveAssist will work on your system before you purchase the program.

This Help file contains instructions on how to use ArchiveAssist and should be read before you use the program so you can familiarize yourself with the program's features.

Keep in mind that ArchiveAssist requires Outlook; it will not run on your system if Outlook is not installed. ArchiveAssist does not work with Outlook Express nor with any email clients other than Microsoft Outlook.

IMPORTANT NOTE: ArchiveAssist™  makes changes to the file which holds your Outlook message and address book data. Remember to backup your Outlook data file(s) before making changes with ArchiveAssist.


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Using ArchiveAssist with Exchange Server

Notice about antivirus warnings when downloading or installing.


ArchiveAssist was a godsend to me and has provided me a way to archive old email messages I feared I would lose...
Ray L. L., Sandy, Utah
ArchiveAssist worked a treat on a very large Outlook file that refused to archive correctly.
Phil V., New South Wales

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