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ArchiveAssist Trialware
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Frequently Asked Questions

2. Start-Up Issues Issues

2a.   I receive a Runtime 374 Error trying to start ArchiveAssist.

Runtime Error 374 is the result of a date conflict in files in the original installation routine. This conflict has been corrected and a new installation program was posted on December 18, 2006. If you downloaded your installation file from our website prior to 11:00 am EST on December 18, 2006, or if you downloaded the trial version of ArchiveAssist from a trialware website and receive the Runtime 374 error, please download the new installation file from the following link and run it to install the trial version of ArchiveAssist v1.00 on your computer.

Download the corrected installation file from here.

Make certain to UNINSTALL the original installation before installing the corrected version.