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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Installation Questions

1a.   I receive an antivirus warning when trying to install.

This is the question we receive the most.

This error is caused by a false alarm of realtime virus scanners. Those scanners monitor all file operations and automatically deletes files which are potentially suspect. During the installation of many software programs related ActiveX files and third-party controls are installed which may not be recognized by third party antivirus programs but which are completely harmless.

Deactivate your realtime virus scanner during the installation of your software.

We understand the reluctance of customers to ignore virus warnings and, if deactivating your antivirus software will cause you anxiety, we urge you not to do so.

We've found that Kaspersky, Avira, NOD32, Symantec/Norton and McAfee antivirus programs have raised issues. Please let us know which antivirus software you're using if it isn't one of these leading programs.

Incidentally, one of the reasons that most software manufacturers recommend disabling AV software during installation is that in most cases a temporary file is set up by Windows during installation where the downloaded file is held temporarily (hence the ".tmp" file extension). As the name of this temporary file is spontaneously generated by Windows and will be different on every computer (and on one computer each time a file is downloaded) there is no way for that file to be recognized by the antivirus software companies to be incorporated into their data files. Further, installation routines often create temporary directories and files when they are run and this process also creates temporary files which will generate warnings from AV programs.

As ArchiveAssist accesses system properties it's not surprising that warnings would be issued; the difficulty is in getting the AV companies to add our products to their databases and, no doubt, there is a tremendous backlog of programs which are similarly situated. We will follow up with them to resolve this issue but, of course, we have no control over how long this takes. As much as we'd like for our programs to be the most popular ones on the market they have not yet reached the level of commercial success which is required for the developers of antivirus software to prioritize testing them.

While antivirus software is, in principle, a good and necessary thing (we, of course, use it in our office), it is unfortunate that well-intentioned and hard working software developers can be hurt by the errors or omissions of the antivirus companies and that the antivirus software companies have accorded to themselves the right to have undue influence over the success or failure of other products (not to mention the potential conflicts which arise as a result). This is, however, the inevitable result of the acts of those relatively few individuals who maliciously spread viruses, worms, trojans and other forms of malware.

ArchiveAssist should be run with AV products disabled specifically because they do access system properties - but we understand why someone who had received a virus warning might be reluctant to do so. And for the record, our software is, indeed, free of any viruses or other forms of malware - provided you download it from our website (we, of course, have no control over files you download from other websites).

If there's anything further we can tell you to allay your fears, however, please let us know.

Again, we understand the reluctance of customers to ignore virus warnings and, if you believe it imprudent to deactivate your antivirus software temporarily to install one of our products, we urge you not do so.

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