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DeleteByDate  for Outlook

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DeleteByDateRange is a Great Way to Control the Size of Your Outlook Files.

Personal Store Files (with the extension .pst) hold all Outlook messages and other data. As .pst files increase in size Outlook can slow down and start to behave erratically; this can lead to freezes and crashes which affect not only your Outlook data, but data from other programs, as well.

For those of us who are too busy to weed through our messages as frequently as we'd like, and for those of us who need to retain messages for a relatively lengthy period of time, the process of deleting messages can be a daunting one due to the quantity which has amassed.

By the time we get around to disposing of old messages, or to archiving them, there can be more messages which are ready to be deleted than there are to be saved. In Outlook deleting messages in bulk across folders can be a tedious process - and the more unpleasant it is, the more likely we are to delay it even more! DeleteByDate transforms message deletion into a rapid, automated operation - just what the doctor ordered!

Tired of Ten Steps to Delete Messages in Bulk?

DeleteByDate™ lets you select messages across folders in one operation. Choose messages by a single date, or by a range of dates, and delete all your unwanted messages easily and quickly, without the tedium of Outlook's "Ten Step" program!

Once it's time to archive, why archive messages you don't need anymore? Right before you archive is the perfect time to delete messages you don't need - but it could take a long time to delete a lot of messages if they're in different folders. Using DeleteByDate puts you in control by allowing you to select all the messages you want to delete at once, in one simple step. Placing a checkmark in a folder's checkbox will mark all of that folder's messages - and all the messages in subfolders of that folder - for deletion according to the date parameters you set in the "Set Deletion Date" area of the program's interface.

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DeleteByDate™ Main Window
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