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ArchiveAssistXpress  for Outlook .pst Data Files

Read the Help File to learn more about using full-featured ArchiveAssist!

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ArchiveAssistXpress  might be the right solution if Outlook hasn't been performing as quickly as it used to, or if you've been experiencing unexplained crashes or freezes in a non-Exchange server setup.

The .pst file is the single file which holds most of your Outlook data. As your .pst file increases in size Outlook can slow down and display other aberrant behavior, placing your data at risk. And if you can't archive, your .pst file will continually grow, increasing the risk. If you've tried to archive your email messages only to find that Outlook simply wouldn't do so, ArchiveAssistXpress™  might be the solution you need!

Let's say you want to archive all email messages which are more than one year old. You'd prepare to archive, specifying the cutoff date before which all messages should be archived. If the archive operation doesn't succeed, however, it's likely that Outlook has applied a Modified Date to the messages you want to archive which is after  the cutoff date you specified. In other words, even though the messages are more than one year old, Outlook has marked them as more current. The fact that you want to archive the messages doesn't matter to Outlook - it's decided for you how those messages should be treated and it doesn't give you any control over your own data! That's not our opinion of how software ought to operate.

Take Back Control of Outlook!

ArchiveAssistXpress lets you set a new Modified Date for all the messages in any folder you select so that you can tailor your archive operations to your needs, increasing efficiency and protecting your data.

To confirm that the Modified Date is the cause of your archiving failures, add the Modified Date field to your view by doing the following:

1.  From the Outlook menu, click on View > Arrange By > Custom > Fields

2.  In the Show Fields   box select Date/Time Fields  in the dropdown box (if Modified Date isn't already showing in the Available Fields list).

If the Modified Dates  are often more current than the original Received  or Sent Dates, then you need ArchiveAssist™ !

NOTE:  ArchiveAssistXpress is for use on individual .pst files only - it is NOT  for use with .ost mailboxes in an Exchange Server environment.

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ArchiveAssistXpress™ Main Window
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full size screen shot
for Outlook

NOTE:  A license code must be obtained online to run ArchiveAssistXpress™. Instructions on obtaining your code are here.

System Requirements:
Win 98 / NT / 2000 / XP / Vista
Outlook 97 / 98 / 2000 /
2002 / 2003
Not 2007 / 2010 


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User Corner:

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Using ArchiveAssist with Exchange Server

Notice about antivirus warnings when downloading or installing.


ArchiveAssist was a godsend to me and has provided me a way to archive old email messages I feared I would lose...
Ray L. L., Sandy, Utah
ArchiveAssist worked a treat on a very large Outlook file that refused to archive correctly.
Phil V., New South Wales
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